Action Turns Your Small Business Inspiration Into Reality

You just need to have an idea to make it happen.

What inspires entrepreneurs and small business owners to start their own companies? Were they sick of their jobs? Was it a hobby that turned into a career?

Your inspiration, which can come from anywhere, is only the start. You have to act on your dream in order to turn it into reality.

Taking a leap of faith to start a business can feel daunting at times, but it’s also a very rewarding experience. Perhaps a small dose of “motivation” is all you need to take that first step.

To help motivate you, I decided to share an “inspirational” YouTube video titled, “Best Motivational Video Ever for Creative People and Startups.” Fair warning though, the video is sappy and the grammar is terrible. But I’ll admit that the sentimental-sucker section of my brain is overlooking these drawbacks.

My most important takeaway after watching this video is: You just need to have an idea to make it happen!

The video’s creator (or maybe he’s just the one who posted it) explains his motivation, “I wanna change the lives of people. I made this video to help all of you get to the next level of inspiration and awesomeness.”

OK, ‘nuff said. Go get your box of tissues and watch the video below. Hopefully, you’ll be moved by its message.

Now that you’ve watched the video, it’s time to read more than 140 short inspirations — maybe not all of them at one time — from entrepreneurs who acted on their inspirations to start their businesses.

The excerpt below is from “Business Unplugged,” a blog that features Carol Roth’s tough love on business and entrepreneurship, as well as insights from Carol’s community of contributors.

Roth writes, “People are inspired to start businesses for a vast array of personal, conceptual, humanitarian, financial, and/or other reasons. So, I decided to ask the contributor network of entrepreneurs and experts to share what inspired them to start their own businesses. Their answers are presented below in no particular order. Hopefully, their inspirations will inspire you!”

Here are a few answers from entrepreneurs who responded to Roth’s question:

1. LOVE Your Work!

A friend advised me to do what I’m good at, do what is easy for me and do what I love… sounds too simple, but it actually led me to starting two businesses that make work fun for me every day!

Most of us resist doing what’s easy and what we are good at – we’re too busy proving ourselves… what if business could be blissful and contribute way more to our life than just money?

Thanks to: Lisa Murray of Revive Business Coaching.

2. Making a Difference

I launched because of my desire to make a difference. I wanted to work with others to help move them forward in profound ways in their lives. I knew that I could offer the perspective, structure, support, guidance and honesty others needed to make big transitions in their lives. This drive to make a difference launched “Sane Spaces”, a professional consulting firm that brought my strengths, experience and skills together to help others regain sanity through clear spaces, systems, self & support.

Thanks to: Cena Block of Sane Spaces.

3. Just Around the Corner

Entrepreneurial spirit always resided in me all of my life, starting with my own paper route at 13. In 2009, with the help, direction and encouragement of a career transition counselor, Joe Schatt, my business was started in January 2009 in the midst of an economic down turn. Three years later, we are blessed and fortunate to be going and growing. What makes this amazing is Joe’s office was just two blocks from my house where we have lived for 17 years.

Thanks to: Myles Miller of LeadUP.Biz.

4. The Odds Were…

I have always had the entrepreneurial mindset, but suddenly when the odds were against me, I knew in my heart it was time. The situation said “No”, but my heart and mind said, “YESSSSS!” I have never regretted it.

Thanks to: Sherell Edwards of AGC Transport & Services, LLC.

5. Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

After helping bring a piece of the CITGO account to the ad agency where I worked, the agency resigned the business due to a conflict of interest.

Three days later, CITGO’s Director of Marketing/Promotions (an old friend) called and said, “I just put my neck on the line for you. If you want the account, it’s yours. Quit your job tomorrow, I’m flying to St. Louis.” I quit my job and Left Field Creative was born. We’re still going strong 15 years later. (And we’d love another gas/C-store account).

Thanks to: Bill Shelton of Left Field Creative.

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