App Review: Easy Voice Recorder for Android

As a journalist and blogger, I know what it feels like to finally get that once-in-a lifetime story interview. But what if the opportunity comes at a time when I’m not prepared for it?

That’s where Easy Voice Recorder for Android comes in handy. It’s a must-have app that lets me easily turn my smartphone into a recorder, conduct an interview, and access all the recorded audio files later (a life-saving utility for any journalist who happens to leave his digital recorder at the office).

The app is easy to use, as its name suggests. Its intuitive interface shows two screens — Recorder and Player. The simple Recorder displays record, pause and stop buttons. The Player lets you share your files, send files via Gmail, name the file, or delete it. Easy Voice Recorder’s functions boil down to a simple process — record, tap, and send!

You can download the app for free. But if you want more than the basics, upgrade to Easy Voice Recorder Pro, priced at $2.99.

Easy Voice Recorder allows you to record files in any one of three different audio formats: WAV, AAC, and AMR — with practically no time limit on recordings. Taking these in consecutive order, each will successively save you more space, while possibly costing you more quality.

The app lets you transfer files by Bluetooth or any means supported by Android for file transfer. I usually upload my audio files to Dropbox, where I can archive and download them later.

More than just a useful tool for journalists, Easy Voice Recorder is well suited for a variety of work projects: for recording business meetings, brainstorming sessions, dictations to the office assistant, classroom lectures, and things of that nature.

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