Providing a Local Service in Your Neighborhood

Local_BusinessIf you need some inspiration to start a small or home-based business, you don’t have to look too far. Stop and think for a minute about providing a service in the local market of your own neighborhood.

Whatever type of area you live in, there are services you can provide to your local community that people will pay you for. Begin brainstorming for ideas and opportunities by conducting research. Peruse the phone book, search the Internet, physically look around the neighborhood, and talk to people in the area to see what types of businesses are in your local area.

After you get a sense of the kind of services that are available, answer these questions … Is there a business service that is lacking? What does my local area need that I can provide?

For example, do you live near a business district? People who work in offices are busy today and often need help running errands. Starting an errand running business solves particular delivery problems for people or businesses.

Let’s say you noticed a local listing of a small mail order company. That business may need someone to regularly pick up brochures from their printer. Upon further research, you may find other errand services in the area. If so, set your prices in line with your local competitors.

Perhaps you live in an affluent area where there are big houses with significant gardens — gardens that will need tending and houses that will need maintaining. If you have a knack for gardening or you’re pretty handy with tools, people would be willing to pay for such maintenance.

You can promote your local business service in community newspapers or through popular online listings like Angie’s List and LocalBlox, which specialize in connecting neighbors to a myriad of local service providers, including businesses, professional services, and community activities.

Here are ten more ideas designed to help you think about the type of services you could provide for your neighbors:

1.            Provide a lawn maintenance service

2.            Provide a swimming pool maintenance service

3.            Provide a handyman/odd-jobs service

4.            Start a dog walking service

5.            Provide an external painting service

6.            Provide an internal decorating service

7.            Run a local fitness group

8.            Run a local newsletter and sell advertising space

9.            Provide a carpet cleaning service

10.          Provide a shed or garage clearing service

Before pursuing a local business service, call your county or city administration office to make sure you are allowed to operate certain businesses from your home. Your city might have local restrictions or zoning laws that prevent you from running certain home-based business.

For more inspiration, take a look at these 50 Small Business Ideas for Your Local Area for an expanded list of local service prospects within your neighborhood. Some of the opportunities may require that you to get specific training (and possibly experience) or invest in the right tools for the job.

Overall, your time and investment in tools will be worth it. Potential customers will be prepared to pay for that knowledge, experience, and just the fact that you have the tools to perform the service.

Source: Business Ideas Daily


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