Developing Mental Habits for Business Success

Street_SmartsWhen it comes to starting a business, you always want to follow the proper guidelines to make sure your startup will grow and become a successful venture.

The truth is, there are no set rules to follow, according to Street Smarts: An All-Purpose Tool Kit for Entrepreneurs, a business strategy book written by Norm Brodsky and Bo Burlingham, columnists for Inc. magazine.

Brodsky and Burlingham say there are “mental habits” that can help street-smart entrepreneurs grow their business, resolve problems and pursue opportunities as they arise.

For example, many new business owners start out with the primary goal of growing their company, usually for no other reason than believing that’s what they are supposed to do. However, the book’s authors say, “You don’t have to grow at all if you don’t want to… there’s no rule of business that says you must.”

Street Smarts includes many helpful ideas and concepts for would-be entrepreneurs who are in the process of honing their ideas, and establishing a direction and goals for their own business.

In her review,’s DeAnna Stephens Baker explains how the book does a good job of avoiding abstract ideas. Instead, the authors modify their best advice in the form of a comprehensive guide for managing a variety of businesses.

The book delivers a worthwhile read that’s full of real stories, examples and details that explain how anyone can apply their business ideas in real-life situations.

Brodsky is a veteran entrepreneur who has founded and grown six businesses. Along with Burlingham, he has chronicled his entrepreneurial journey in his column in



2 thoughts on “Developing Mental Habits for Business Success

  1. I’ll keep a look out for the book, thanks! I am right at that stage in the entrepreneurial process–though I am not in a “100-year-old market”. I am sure I can find some applicable tid bits, however.


    • Hi Taylyn, thanks for the comment. Actually, the book was released in 2010. I just came across a recent review. Btw, I like your blog (which I intend to follow)! You have a great conversational writing style. Keep up the awesome work. Best, James

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