How A Blog Can Help Your Startup

Blog Can Help Your StartupStartup teams have one objective, make money before running out of cash.

Marketing, while effective, is inherently risky and mistakes are expensive, says Pushing Social blogger Stanford Smith. Bootstrappers and VC-funded startups are shying away from splashy (TV) and tricky (pay per click) tactics and giving content marketing strategies and blogging a second look.  Some of the more nimble startups are finding that blogs are more versatile than previously thought.

Although blogs are easy to create, Smith explains, startups need to follow a carefully choreographed strategy to get results from their blog. You will need to balance your marketing objectives, staff resources, and time to create a streamlined blog that successfully tells your story and creates customers.  The good news is that your blog is a force-multiplier – strengthening your website, sales team, PR, and customer service efforts.

If you are unsure about how a blog can help your startup, then consider these 3 points from Smith in his post, Why Your Startup Should Launch A Blog.

“Writing blogs and blog posts are really going to increase traffic to your website because, number one, it establishes you as an expert and it just underlines everything you do,” says Tatiana EL-Khouri,  the Founder and CEO, Creative Force Group. In this video, she provides 5 ways blogging will boost your business and drive traffic to your website.


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