Home-based Jewelry Business Idea

If you are already crafting jewelry items as a hobby, why not take it one step further and obtain an income from doing what you love? Starting a home-based jewelry business can be a rewarding business venture. To help get you started, I’ve sprinkled a few hyperlinks below, pointing to some resourceful guidelines for earning money from your own home-based jewelry business.

As a business idea, jewelry making is a great one, particularly for a home-based enterprise. With only the cost of jewelry supplies and tools, you can focus most of your budget on marketing. MySmallBiz.com recommends these steps to learn How To Start A Jewelry Business, including how to acquire the skills, where to get your supplies and how to sell your work.

Once you get started, running a home-based jewelry business requires you to do a little bit of everything, from bookkeeping to marketing, and most of the time, you can create your own schedule.

The Home Jewelry Business Guide Web site was written for both aspiring and established jewelry designers who want to grow their home based businesses into a successful and profitable stream of income.

Selling beaded jewelry at fine craft shows and jewelry shows is another way to start earning money through your own home-based jewelry business. If you don’t know how to bead, watch this video to learn the basics of beading as Karla Schafer, Auntie’s Beads designer, demonstrates how to make a bracelet.

Driven by her creative instincts, Sandy Rueve started She Beads in 1993 in Wilmette, Illinois, as a small cottage business, designing and selling jewelry and accessories. Now Sandy’s son Andrew and her daughter Alex work side by side with their mother to manage a thriving family business that exports jewelry around the world.

The realities of running a jewelry business.

Many jewelry designers have failed in the craft business because they have been unable, or unwilling, to deal with the realities of the business world. Therefore, it is important for you to not only learn more about effective ways to sell your products, but also how to manage your business—no matter what stage you have already reached.


3 thoughts on “Home-based Jewelry Business Idea

  1. The home based jewelry business can provide you a big success if you have some experience in crafting jewelry items and have some capacity of marketing budget. So for getting more guidance, your post provides useful ideas for a home based enterprise.

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  3. She Beads company has started the STAR Partner Program! This program allows women all over to begin their own jewelry business with She Beads. With many perks, increasing sales percentages, and an option for online sales, the STAR Program is a great option for women who are looking for part-time or full-time work. Even if you have a day job or a full-time Mom-Job, give She Beads a call at 847-920-1923 or check out more information at http://www.sbstore.com

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