Green Options for Small Businesses

Many small businesses are starting to realize the benefits of going green, but the cost and quality of energy-efficient products remains a big concern. Green options can actually save your business money and won’t force you to compromise quality, according to a report based on the Office Depot Small Business Index released earlier this year.

Office Depot, one of the nation’s largest office supply companies, surveyed 1,002 business professionals and found that half of all professionals are interested in making their offices greener, but cost and understanding are the two primary factors preventing businesses from going greener at the office.

According to the survey, professionals say they currently take part in the following green purchases and practices:

  • More than half (54%) recycle paper and magazines
  • Nearly a half (48%) recycle bottles and cans as well as ink cartridges (45%)
  • Only 24% purchase Energy Star rated technology, e.g. computers, monitors, copiers, etc.
  • One-third (33%) use energy-efficient lights
  • A quarter (24%) print double-sided copies
  • Only 16% purchase remanufactured ink and toner cartridges

The good news is that many businesses are starting to go green and are realizing the benefits. Creating a greener office is probably much simpler and less expensive than you think.

More about the survey in the infographic below:

Office Depot Survey Finds Small Businesses Trying to Go Greener

Browse more data visualization.

People, Planet, Profit.

Gennaro Brooks-Church, director of Eco Brooklyn, is doing his part to turn Brooklyn into the most eco-conscious borough in New York City by saving homeowners money while producing the benefits of energy efficiency. Eco Brooklyn is an innovative green building company focused on turning New York green through low resource material usage and energy-efficient construction.

In addition to completing Brownstone renovations for clients, Eco Brooklyn also invests in houses and “greens” them. These houses are used as New York community outreach platforms to help train local workers and educate the community in good green building techniques.

Top 10 Green Business Ideas

From green cleaning to composting to organic products, there are hundreds of green business ideas available for the eco-conscious business owner. small business expert Alyssa Gregory compiles a collection of 10 green business ideas that will allow you to build a profitable business while helping the environment.


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