The Benefits of Aligning Your Brand With A Social Cause

Rare Tee tank promotes the preservation of the Hawaiian Monk Seal.

The idea of establishing a marketing partnership between your business and a non-profit entity is a way to enhance your image, diversify your brand and boost sales.

Cause marketing or cause-related marketing, as the strategy is referred to, is a type of marketing involving the cooperative efforts of a “for profit” business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit.

“Once you engage the right partnership and align your campaign messaging with their cause, you’ll create something that resonates with your audience, not simply more information for them,” says brand strategist Larry DeVincenzi, author of SmartBrandBlog.

Case in point, Rare Tee is an apparel company specializing in graphic t-shirts featuring endangered species. They are committed to raising awareness about all endangered species through our apparel.

For every item purchased on their Web site, Rare Tee donates a percentage of the proceeds to wildlife conservation. You can choose the organization you want your dollar to go to: Jungle Friends, Mercy for Animals, or Wildlife Waystation.

“Every animal is a rarity and it is up to us to help save them for future generation,” says Rare Tee’s Web site.

Social Cause Marketing Isn’t Just Another Marketing Fad

In his article, Have You Connected To Your Cause?, DeVincenzi explains the benefits of social cause marketing:

Brands today strive harder than ever to rise above the din of conversations to make lasting impressions on their target audience.  Aligning your brand with a social cause that is in sync with your values and goals has become an important way to attract and keep a growing fan base of followers.

After presenting to an organization of non-profits last week on the importance of branding for their marketing efforts, it occurred to me how many of them try to reach a broad audience with their specific appeal, rather than align themselves with business or personal brands that could elevate them faster to broader recognition.

Companies that are successful in partnering with their customers for social causes share similar traits.  They start by considering their consumer’s purpose and needs (not just theirs), then engage them in a series of truly meaningful experiences that make an impression for a lifetime – not just a moment.  That life-long impact creates a more meaningful bond with the brand, and ultimately results in benefits directly to the bottom-line.

Social cause marketing isn’t just another marketing fad, it’s an opportunity to re-think how you connect with your customers, and how you might create a process that delivers truly meaningful communications that have an impact forever.

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