David Cummings on Startups

Once a startup finds a repeatable business model and gets out of the seed stage, they then enter early stage (e.g. 20 – 50 employees) before (hopefully) moving on to growth stage (50+ employees). With five employees in a startup everyone wears multiple hats and things are so crazy the topic of career paths don’t often come up. As the startup matures into a business and the next 20 people are hired, more specialization sets in and the topic of career paths becomes a bit more common. By the growth stage, career paths are a normal part of the conversation.

Startups have an especially difficult time answering the career path question.

With all the uncertainty of a startup who knows if it will even be around in a year or two. High end strategy consulting firms like Bain and McKinsey have the motto “up or out” which basically means you’re…

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