Make Money From Your Hobby

Everyone has a talent – and by tapping into what you do best, you could make yourself some extra money. Are you skilled enough at a hobby that other people actually will pay you for your service or knowledge? Simply take what you are good at and apply it to a business idea.

When you do this, you can do something that you enjoy and make it profitable for you. Over time you can even make it grow into the primary way in which you make your living.

There are as many types of hobby businesses as there are hobbies. If you like to sew, make clothes. You can also sell paintings, create greeting cards, run an alteration service, or design costumes.

It takes a little work, but if you have an interest that you already love doing, then it won’t seem like work at all to turn it into a viable business. In a short time you could be bringing in extra income and working for yourself. If you have a hobby and want some ideas on how to earn some money from it, then get started here!

Teach Your Hobby

For many hobbies, there is plenty of opportunity to make a few dollars teaching classes or workshops. Some hobbies, such as scuba diving and parachuting are dangerous enough that there are certification processes to make sure that instructors meet certain minimum levels, but in most hobbies anyone can teach.

Passing on the Gift of Canning

Classie Parker is an urban gardener who turned her pastime and love of canning — a way to preserve fruits and vegetables without refrigeration — into lessons on how to enjoy the tastes of Summer all year-round with home-canned vegetables, fruits, preserves, and jams. She’s taught more than 4,000 people across the New York metropolitan region how to can their own food.

“The art of slow cooking — and being together — aids in the emotional well-being of the soul,” says Parker, whose grandmother, Emma Ramsey, taught her that cooking and canning were worth more than eating and surviving. “And I am at my best when I am canning and passing on the gift of canning.”

Life is Short, Smell Good

Marla Bosworth, 47, invested in her hobby of making homemade soap and it paid off. She started making soaps in the late nineties as an outlet from her day job as a market research analyst. One year later, she was laid off, and decided to invest her severance package into creating a homemade soap business.

Bosworth teaching a class in New York City.

In 1998, she opened Back Porch Soap Co., a bath and body store in Plymouth, Mass., but decided in 2006 that she wanted to be based out of her home to spend more time raising her daughter.

Soap makers began calling her, requesting classes and tips on making soaps and starting their own businesses. Slowly, Bosworth began consulting and teaching in addition to selling products.

“Now the bulk of my business is teaching classes in New York City,” says Bosworth, who finds that many of her students work or attend school during the day, and prefer evening classes that are convenient to their schedule. “I travel down once a month and teach business classes on how to start up, launch and make your own products.”

Turn Your Hobby into a Business with Pinterest

For some hobbyists and small business owners, particularly those who are in a “creative” field, Pinterest provides invaluable exposure to a captive audience. Use Pinterest in a way that can transform your hobby into a potential profit. Here’s how to start.

How to Prove Your Hobby Is a Business

To deduct operating losses, you must be ready to prove that your hobby is a business. If you intend to earn a profit from engaging in your favorite hobby — a hobby business — you may be able to deduct your hobby-related expenses or losses from your income and lower your tax bill. But to avoid trouble, be sure your activity qualifies as a true business and pay attention to local business rules. Learn more about deducting hobby-related expenses.


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