10 Ways Startups Can Track Trends: And Why It’s So Important

Keeping up with emerging business trends can be a challenge for any startup that is already focusing on establishing itself. But the failure to make adjustments in an ever-changing marketplace can break a lot of businesses. Fortunately for the startup community, Rieva Lesonsky is available to show you how to track the latest trends.

In her recent article on ReadWriteWeb.com, Rieva writes: Staying on top of trends is key to any startup’s success. Spotting trends early makes it possible to come up with smart startup ideas – or modify your startup plans to jump on a new trend just as it takes off. Just as most important, you can avoid the risk of starting a business based on a trend that’s just about to fizzle out. Fortunately, tracking trends isn’t as hard as it used to be.

Here are my tips and sources to help you stay on top of the latest business and consumer trends.

Click here to read the full story.


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