Antique Watch Restoration Is a Time-Tested Profession

More than just a way to keep time, a watch is an expression of taste, a reflection of style and passion of the wearer. A vintage wrist or pocket watch possesses a charm that newer watches simply do not have.

Antique watches by definition are in limited supply and are becoming more and more popular today, according to Quality vintage and antique wrist watches are sought by those who appreciate the unique style, quality and craftsmanship it affords and those looking for investments they can enjoy today and profit from tomorrow.

And there are plenty of businesses and individuals who make a living repairing and restoring antique watches to “like new” condition, whenever possible, without altering the authenticity, original appearance, or quality of the watch.

Kevin James, aka the Watch Guy, is one of those talented individuals who has a passion for restoring old watches by using diamond-dusted files and screwdrivers with infinitesimally small heads, a little practice, a little skill, and some elbow grease.

“Watch repair is becoming a dying profession,” James states on his Web site.  “So much expertise and knowledge is being lost every year as older members of the profession are preparing for retirement. I would encourage anyone interested in this field to pursue it.”

Although no one I know could tell you how to restore a vintage watch in a blog entry, James explains the task as well as anyone can in his article, Watch Refurbishing.

In this video, Brooklyn, NY, artisan David Sokosh found an unexpected vocation after his art gallery closed: watchmaker.

Interested in the history of famous watch brands like Rolex, Bulova and Corum? For your enjoyment and reference, has compiled the history of some of the fine watchmakers of our time.


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