Accent Studios Grows With Popular Wall Decals

Many people get the urge to redecorate their homes because they get tired of seeing the same old wall color or artwork. And simply repainting can be time-consuming and costly. Fortunately, fashionable wall stickers have become a very popular and easy way to freshen up the outdated, dull walls in your house. Accent Studios wants to make the job of bringing your walls to life a lot simpler with their wall decals.

Accent Studios, located in the Central Valley, CA, specializes in high-quality vinyl, which they turn into amazing wall decals. Vinyl wall decals are an inexpensive way to add great non-permanent designs to your wall space. The company’s Web site,, showcases a variety of custom wall decal designs, including Kids Wall Decals, Sports Wall Decals, Monogram Wall Decals, Tree Wall Decals, and even Wall Quotes and Sayings.

Steven Bennett, a self-taught computer specialist with a strong aptitude for technology and digital design, came up with the idea and vision for Accent Studios. “My whole motivation is to make things better than they currently are,” says Bennett, who wanted to create a way for people to easily express themselves and bring out their own personality when decorating their homes. “Whether it’s wall decals… or, whatever, I just want to improve things.”

After months of planning, preparing, and researching, Bennett began to realize there were many obstacles he had to overcome before starting a business in California.  In order to build the talent he needed to support his new business, Bennett brought in his longtime friend, Garrett Cluff.

Bennett knew Cluff’s skill set would be a great fit for what the company needed to hit the ground running. Cluff, who has a 10-yr background in customer service, pays close attention to the details, develops strategic marketing plans, and approves final product designs.

Accent Studios is at the forefront of a home design concept that is very popular at the moment. According to a recent article, A Wall Decal Sticker Is The New Trend In Decorating Your Room, one reason wall decal peel off stickers are extremely popular is they may be easily removed and changed anytime.

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The applying and elimination of the sticker won’t harm the wall by any means nor does it destroy or peel the fresh paint. This enables homeowners and office dwellers to continuously alter the statement of the room by using a brand new wall decal sticker.

Cluff says wall art is a great way to add your personal touch, to anything. “Everyone likes to express themselves, and I see vinyl wall decals as the next popular wave in being able to do so easily, and affordably.”


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