Cupcake Covertops Is More Than A Clothing Line, It’s A Movement!

One of the most important aspects of operating a small business is developing solid relationships with its community. With a little creativity, smaller companies can develop signature outreach programs that make a positive impact on their communities while realizing business-related benefits. Lily Rubio, designer and founder of Cupcake Covertops, created such a program.

With her Cupcake Covertops line of comfortable and stylish “half cami” tops, Rubio developed a clothing solution for women seeking just the right amount of coverage while wearing low-cut shirts and dresses.  But it was Rubio’s passion to promote modesty in young teenage girls that inspired her to launch a community outreach program, the Cupcake Movement.

“I wanted my brand to be more than ‘just another clothing line,’ I wanted us to stand for something,” says Rubio, who believes modesty is something that has lost its value in today’s society.

The Cupcake Movement, which Rubio launched in 2010 along with her Web site, gave her an opportunity to interact with members of her community, while spreading her message that young girls should “lead with their confidence, not their bodies.”

“I have received many emails from customers telling me they are happy to support our brand because of what we stand for,” says Rubio, who believes her movement is also driving customers to choose their brand over similar competitors.

The community’s positive response to the Cupcake Movement led Rubio to start similar programs, such as “The Path to Purity,” an all day event designed to help young girls make wise choices in relationships and dating.

Through these activities, Rubio lets her community know she’s appreciative of its support, while at the same time promoting Cupcake Covertops’s overall mission and business culture.

This is an excellent way to let others learn firsthand that you are a responsible, respectful and dedicated citizen and business owner.

The Business Benefits of Starting a Community Outreach Program

Consider the following tips for creating long-term relationships with customers in your community, and securing the future growth of your business.

  • Develop a community relations strategy and evaluate how these activities can promote your company’s overall mission and culture.
  • Care must be taken to fully support the development of your community outreach project to ensure its success. You can find financial and volunteer support by establishing contacts with community leaders and potential investors.
  • Your program events will let community members know that you recognize their part in making your business a success.

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