Being a YouTube Makeup Guru Is a Beautiful Thing

YouTube has grown to become a major platform for aspiring makeup artists.

Within the past couple of years, female makeup enthusiasts, fashion lovers, trend setters, and beauty aficionados have gained popularity on YouTube to make a difference in the cosmetic industry. These women, known as makeup gurus, have made their own channels to specifically give makeup tutorials and reviews to female viewers.

“Creating a beauty channel is a great platform for aspiring makeup artists because they have an interactive portfolio to show employers while applying for jobs,” explains Gaebler Ventures writer Anna Lempereur in her article, The Do’s and Don’ts for Aspiring YouTube Makeup Artists. “These videos can also help gain publicity for freelancing.”

You can “monetize” your beauty tip videos by opening an account with the YouTube Partner Program, which provides content creators with tools and programs to build their audiences, and earn money from ads that are displayed on their videos. To receive payments from these advertisements, you must first associate an AdSense account with your YouTube account.

Michelle Phan, Makeup Guru Extraordinaire

Popular makeup guru Michelle Phan describes her YouTube videos as “honest, elegant and artistic.” A self-taught painter and artist, Michelle made her YouTube debut in late 2006, and has since been dubbed the #1 YouTube “Makeup Guru” and created over 169 videos that have been viewed over 479,000,000 times, making her the #17 rated channel on YouTube.

In November 2010, Michelle reached 1 million subscribers and became the #1 most subscribed female on YouTube. Michelle now has over 1,640,900 subscribers. She also became the online spokesperson for Lancôme.

How to make an effective beauty tip video.

The magic of video allows pros to show their viewers step-by-step instructions to replicate certain looks that one could never figure out by reading in text, says Anna Lempereur. Be as informative as possible – Talk to your viewers as if they have never opened a tube of mascara before, because believe it or not, many of them haven’t. Don’t just apply the makeup for them to see, but explain what you are doing so they can recreate the look themselves.

Tips for creating videos.

  • Practice editing videos before posting them.
  • Make sure that you speak clearly. Voice-overs will also work, as you can focus on the makeup more while filming.
  • Show the user the product and tell them what it is called, and where you got it before applying it.
  • Be patient and have realistic goals. It’s nearly impossible to be a YouTube sensation overnight!
  • Keep in contact with your viewers by having social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. However, keep your private life private; create an account specifically for the public viewers.
  • Maintain your viewers’ interests by occasionally posting new videos. A video or two per week is a good amount. Posting too frequently will get your viewers fed up, and rarely posting will make your viewers impatient.

Things you’ll need to make videos.

  • A camera with good quality videoing and audio.
  • A range of make-up to use.
  • A computer for editing (chopping and trimming)
  • YouTube account.

Follow these steps and become a great makeup guru on YouTube.

  1. Watch some of the really famous makeup videos on YouTube. Try watching a variety of videos so you can have an idea of how it would be like, and what role models to look up to. Examples of makeup gurus on YouTube are jlovesmac1, MichellePhan, xteeener, kandeejohnson, and bubzbeauty.
  2. Understand that it requires an extensive amount of work. The trick to becoming a makeup guru is to take note of what your viewers want and to use innovative techniques.
  3. Buy good quality makeup and well-known brands. MAC and Maybelline are good examples. Don’t be afraid to try new types of makeup or techniques that you find interesting. Drugstore products also interest younger viewers as they are more affordable.
  4. Pick out your target audience. Most of the girls that watch how-to’s on makeup are in the age range of early teen years to late twenties. Try to make videos that will interest this age group.
  5. Have a good room and set-up for filming. The best area to film is in a small room; you get better sound quality. Make sure that you have a camera with nice quality. A tripod that you can set up easily would also be beneficial.
  6. Make your tutorials easy and fun to watch. Put music in the background and edit them very well before posting. Be “real” with your viewers, and relate to them. Humor may be used at appropriate times.
  7. Look for celebrity and seasonal inspirations for your videos.
  8. Make sure to stay true to your own style. Be your unique self!

Things to avoid.

  • Realize that not everyone will like your videos; some people might leave unkind comments. It is impossible to please everyone. Expect this, but do not be disappointed or discouraged from making more videos. Instead, use this as motivation to help improve!
  • Learn to tell the difference between a critic and a troll. Although critics can disappoint you, they can give you constructive criticism to help your videos.
  • Don’t do “sub4sub!” Although they may subscribe you, they will not watch your videos, and may even unsubscribe you after a few days without you noticing.
  • Don’t delete your old videos. After a while, you will have improved your videos and may even dislike your first ones. Use them to see how much you have improved from the very beginning!

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