Examine Your Own Skills to Find Business Ideas

A love affair with fashion inspires a Singapore duo to start a dressmaking business.

Jade Swee and Letitia Phay, dress designers

Are you interested in starting your own company but worried about where to find a viable business idea? You don’t have to look far. Your skill set may be all the inspiration you need. If your talent is something that is marketable, it could be an opportunity.

Many people are inspired by a life experience that ignites their passion to pursue entrepreneurship. An example of this is Singapore dress-makers and designers, Letitia Phay and Jade Swee, who decided they were so much in love with the art of making a dress that they started their own label, Time Taken to Make a Dress (TTMD).

The two met when they were both working in the same bridal studio, and decided to strike out on their own to try their hands at creating their own designs.

While Swee has a design background, Phay was solely motivated by her love for the craft of making a dress to join the industry after she graduated from school.

In the following excerpt from the article, Time Taken to Make a Difference, OnlineToday.com writer Francis Kan describes what motivated Swee to pursue the idea that spawned a successful clothing company.

At age 13, Ms. Jade Swee made her first dress using her grandmother’s sewing machine, a simple flora print affair for a younger sister. The act of creating something by hand inspired in her not only a love affair with fashion, but a devotion to quality craftsmanship.

That initial spark was fanned by her grandmother, from whom she learned traditional Peranakan crafts such as making beaded slippers.

More than a decade later, Ms Swee, 29, parlayed that passion and several years of working experience into Time Taken to Make a Dress (TTMD), a dressmaking business she set up with partner Letitia Phay, 28, in 2010.

“I used to follow my grandmother everywhere, observing her cooking and sewing. She taught me how to draft by drawing a dress on a newspaper. That was a very big part of how I got my skill even before fashion school,” she told TODAY.

The pair noticed a disturbing lack of attention being paid to the technical aspects of the business; the roll-your-sleeves up, backroom grind of putting together a garment that many young designers shied away from.

Read the full article on TodayOnline.com.

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Clothing Company Business Idea

If you’re wondering how to start a clothing company, there are a couple of key questions you need to answer before you get too far into this business.

To get started, you must first decide whether you plan to design and make your own clothing or source your clothes from other designers or wholesalers.

You also must determine whether you plan to operate entirely online, out of a physical retail store, or a combination of both – known as a “brick and click.”

Planning For How to Start a Clothing Company

Most people want to learn how to start a clothing company because they have a passion for fashion and would like to pursue their passion full-time.

Like any other business, learning how to start a clothing company begins with a business plan.

Visit MySmallBiz.com for more details about the business planning and key activities to get your clothing company started.


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