Every Small Business Has a Story, So Tell Yours

Good stories always capture the listener’s imagination. They draw people in. In the same way, a compelling story about your business can win the hearts, minds and wallets of customers.

Whether you put an anecdote in your newsletter that explains why you started your business, or you create a YouTube video to demonstrate what your business does, a good business narrative will make a lasting impression.

People love stories.

“Every small business has a story— and people love to hear them,” states ConstantContact blogger Ryan Pinkman in his article, 7 Things People Love More Than Being Sold To.

Most people don’t respond well to a hard sales pitch, explains Pinkman. But an intriguing story about your company can improve your chances of making the next big sale and driving business results for your brand.

Sharing stories is a prominent theme on The Marketplace, an online market that sells goods from a carefully selected listing of small businesses.

Each company submits an “Our Story” profile to help promote their products across a variety of categories, including food and drink, camping and outdoors, toys and games and education.

The Marketplace is the latest iteration of Markdown.com, flash-sale site owned Glenn Beck’s multimedia company Mercury Radio Arts. As much as I dislike Beck’s political viewpoints, I do agree with his patriotic testimonial about small business owners, “their stories, their products and their passion is what makes America great.”

Marketplace President Keith Ferry says it better in a GigaOM interview where he explains the Web site’s rigorous selection criteria.  Each business has to have “a story to tell,” Ferry says. For example, maybe “they suffered a layoff and picked themselves back up off the mat to support their family. That’s probably the biggest requirement. Each company has a story to tell about why they’re doing what they’re doing. Our audience connects very well with that.”

Just tell your story, and we’ll will take care of the rest.

Google and American Express know every small business has a BIG story. Last October, they launched a partnership contest called My Business Story. The co-sponsored YouTube channel lets small businesses owners make and upload a professional-quality video that tells their story.

The My Business Story channel features a trove of interesting (and short) YouTube videos showcasing inspirational stories told by entrepreneurs.

Create a video to tell your story.

If you to create a free 30-second version of your business story, consider using Animoto.com. It’s an online video creation service that lets you create and upload videos from your photos, video clips, words and music.

Use the site’s online tools to add a business profile, sample of your work, or fun product highlight to social media platforms, YouTube, your website, or blog. Once you’re done, you can share your video via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or email.

After you sign up with Animoto, you can choose from its three different price plans: Lite – free, unlimited 30-second videos; Plus – $5/month or $30/year to produce unlimited full-length videos, 600+ music tracks, and ability to download to a computer; or Pro – $39/month or $239/year to create unlimited full-length videos, 1,100+ music tracks, and download to computer or DVD.


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