Scanning the Globe for Cool Business Ideas

In my ongoing quest to find online resources that offer a robust collection of small business ideas, I came across, a blog about brand new products derived from promising business ideas around the world.

The site’s collection of novel products sold on the international market features a variety of concepts, which range from practical and innovative — as in, why didn’t someone think of this sooner? — to whimsical and wacky — as in, why the hell would someone buy this thing?

Based in Singapore, draws on a large network of business ‘informers’ as well as on their own research through many channels to present cool business ideas on their Web site and newsletter.

I browsed through their cool business idea archives, and came across a few items (I listed each one below) that I found interesting, cool and quirky. I’ll leave it to you to decide which items fit those descriptions.

Confession Post

Aptly named Confession, the piece creates a semi-enclosed, sound-absorbing space wherever it is placed. The two-sided booth allows for truly private one-on-one conversation, but also provides a respite for individuals who want to sip their morning coffee in solitary silence. Read more.

My Lunchbox

My Lunchbox is a very nifty appliance to have in your office. It takes away the bother of queuing up in front of the office microwave at lunchtime. A USB enabled base hooks up to your laptop for power sourcing and heats up the warming element in a quick jiffy. Read more.

Ziploc Cola

Apparently in many parts of Central America, expensive soda drinks like Coca-Cola are served up in plastic Ziploc bags — instead of glass or plastic bottles — so they’re more affordable. And so the iconic and highly recognizable shape of the Coke bottle isn’t lost, the sugar-water maker has created these Coca-Cola bags. Read more.

Mother and Child

Culla Belly by Manuela Busetti is a baby bassinet that can serve as a regular crib during a day, and as an attachment to a grownup bed at night. One side of the bassinet can be opened via two zips to allow the fall of the barrier between the child and the mother, creating a single space in which the mother can move easily. Read more.

Bubble Camp

Designer Pierre Stéphane Dumas‘ celebrated BubbleTrees have been used to comprise a full-scale camping hotel, ensuring that visitors to France’s Bouches-du-Rhône region feel pampered while still getting the best views possible. The transparent, globe-shaped tents are made from UV-reflecting, recyclable materials. Read more.

Back Pack in a Pocket

Weighing in at just 3 ounces — but touted to be able to carry more than 30 pounds — the just-announced PackBack from Trek Light Gear is a featherweight of a day pack with hidden strength. The PackBack is made of a parachute nylon that’s strong and resistant to mildew and rot. It stuffs into a pouch about the size of a wallet and easily slips into the pocket of your blue jeans. Read more.


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