Using Twitter and Facebook to Turn Digital Creations into Cash

Hundreds of companies have gone bust trying to make a few bucks from Twitter and Facebook. and are two startups that are standing out in a crowded marketplace by creating unique services designed to make money from Twitter and Facebook users.

Turn your best tweets into a book.

TweetBookz lets you create and order high-quality books of your tweets. The idea for the service was launched in November 2009 by Asael Kahana and Jacob Shwirtz, co-founders of an Israeli-based boutique Web strategy agency known as Definitely Something.

“Reception has been amazing,” says Shwirtz, who left daily work at Definitely Something in 2010 to join MTV Networks / Viacom Media Networks to focus on social viewing and other new trends involving the future of television.

TweetBookz founders Asael Kahana and Jacob Shwirtz.

“I am most passionate about how and why people do what they do online,” states Shwirtz on his LinkedIn profile. “I am a student of the Internet and have been lucky enough to be a part of many projects that have taught me a great deal about trends, buzz and what people really want.”

TweetBookz, priced at $14.99 for a soft cover and $24.99 for a hard cover, are available in four unique designs. The books have full color covers and inside pages of black and white. Each one stands 5.5 inches high and 8.5 inches wide and features up to 200 of your tweets, one per page, starting from the most recent.

Last year TweetBookz, which is not affiliated with Twitter, formed a partnership with celebrated director Kevin Smith to create PodBookz, which allows any podcaster to get customized books of their own content.

See what your friends are selling on Facebook. recently launched their beta site to join the ranks of e-commerce platforms trying to make money off of Facebook users. It’s an auction market that helps sellers and buyers connect using Facebook’s social fabric, turning auctions into valuable and fun events.

If you have anything lying around you always wanted to sell, post your item on and connect to potential buyers using Facebook. The auctions are meant to be social, so you can invite your friends to join, bid, like or comment on them.

The price per item offered to be sold through can’t exceed $1,000. Additionally, bids placed by sellers can’t be lower than $10. claims its auction market will ensure fair prices, trust and transparency among buyers and sellers.  It is designed help friends find folks with the same interest. The idea is to make it very easy for you to connect, vet identities, and feel comfortable about selling and buying stuff through Facebook.


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